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Stan Editions – Designed for you to be creative


Stan Editions was founded in 2021 by 28-year-old Chilean native, Belgium raised Stan Verstraete as a creative platform for art and design.

Stan Editions’ first collection, CANDL STACKS, is the result of the search for a new way of using candles. The idea for this collection sprang from the growing demand for sculptural candles and found its inspiration in the colours of Rothko, Mondriaan and Sottsass. The unique modular nature of the candles encourages creativity and allows people to build and rearrange the “stacks” entirely to their own liking, thereby creating sculptures that are perfectly attuned to their own mood, interior and personal universe. Since its launch, the collection has already garnered much success and is loved by art and design enthusiasts all around the world.

 More recently, Stan Editions has ventured out into the world of fragranced candles with its naturally scented CANDL STACKS, as part of the "Fragrances by Stan Editions" collection. The expansion of the business into naturally sourced fragrances felt like an obvious next step, given Stan's former background as a Bio Engineering Student at Ghent University in Belgium.

Many more collections may follow under the Stan Editions brand, but one thing’s for sure: every product is designed for you to be creative.



 Co-Founder Stan Verstraete

Founder: Stan Verstraete